I have a project with multiple "products" which all use a common shared library. This shared library is a very great proportion of the compilation effort, so it would be good if we could build the library only once for a given configuration (library commit hash, build type, etc). Then, when a product wants to build against that commit (usually because the commit is the HEAD of the library repo), it can just use the pre-built .so objects. This would be a huge saving in compilation effort.

Currently, I am doing regular polls for SCM changes on the common library, so there is usually, but not always, a matching core build already done when a given product build goes off.

How can a "product" build request that Jenkins provides the artifacts for the common library with the matching properties (same build type, commit hash that matches whatever the product build wants, etc), and, if a common build hasn't been made for that combination, do one and then use that?

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