I'm not sure if it's the right place to ask this question. So let me know, if it's not.

I'm building a front end app with VueJs. I actually use 2 computer. I use the first computer as a "server" (just a computer that is always on) and and the other one I use it to code.

The server have a VSCode that is always open that always run my front end app. I use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to this server when I need to code/build/run. I use Azure Dev Ops as a Git solution.

But all this setup is not the best way to work. It's kinda annoying to connect to the server and let vscode always open.

What I want to know is : Is it possible to create a better dev. environnement? For example, what I want to do is to be able to work from VSCode on my "dev's computer" and whenever I push something in Azure DevOps, my server re-build and re-run my app.

How should I start ? Can you give me any documentation to help me? I couldn't find anything in the net (maybe because I'm doing something wrong in my research)

  • Of course is absolutely possible. #1 Is your two computers a cloud machines on azure? #2 Is your vue standard? I mean just need the : npm install && npm run build and npm run start ?
    – JRichardsz
    Commented May 28, 2022 at 17:20
  • @JRichardsz No, my computers are physical station Commented May 30, 2022 at 12:08

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I advice you to learn the basis with generic technologies and then use Azure.

The basic and modern devops flow

enter image description here

  • Devops admin configure the webhook or trigger to connect the git server with the ci,cd,devops sever
  • Devops admin configure the job with steps required to build the application.
  • Developer push some source code (java, php, c#, nodejs, etc)
  • Your git platform/server (bitbucket, gitlab, github, azure, etc) detects this event and perform an http post request to your webhook url (preconfigured) sending it a json payload with important information related to detected event.
  • You ci,cd,devops,etc server receives the http post request and using a json parser extract some important or common values used in devops automation like : repository name, branch name, commit author, commit message, etc
  • Your ci,cd,devops,etc server launchs a preconfigured job. At this point you could start, launch or invoke any technology. (java, php, c#, nodejs, etc) required to build the application

More details here:

Devops flow with open source

  • git server: github, bitbucket, gitlab, etc
  • ci,cd,devops server: jenkins, Harness CI,etc. Check this and this

Devops flow with Azure



I advice you Docker to skip the azure-pipeline.yml creation. With docker you app will be deployable on any server (gcp,aws,digital ocena, azure, bare metal, etc) in the galaxy. With azure-pipeline.yml just on Azure. Check this:



If you achieve the previous steps, you could start the use of kubernetes

Enterprises environments

If your company has the recommended environments like: staging, testing, uat, pre-prod, etc you will need a configuration management. Check this:


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