I have a specific question for which I can't really find an answer. A potential client who develops sensitive applications contacted me to set up a fresh Kubernetes infrastructure.

First they will have two fully separate apps to deploy, for two separate customers.

Both apps must be isolated and function on their own worker nodes.

I still want to push the fact that having a single Kube infrastructure is easier to maintain than having two infrastructures.

I was thinking of using Network VLANs to isolate the worker nodes.

Here's my idea :

  • 2 VLANs :

  • VLAN1 for APP1

  • VLAN2 for APP2

  • All Master nodes connected to both VLAN1 and VLAN2

  • A set of worker nodes dedicated to APP1 connected to VLAN1

  • A set of worker nodes dedicated to APP2 connected to VLAN2

I'll consider the issues about volume management later, but I wanted to have your piece of advice about network isolation first.

Do you foresee any issue related to this configuration ? Is isolating using VLANs a possible thing and which NIC should I use to make sure it works ?


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