Consider this:

There's a linux machine running on azure.

It has apache installed and browing to mymachine.com works, webpage is displayed. All ports are opened in the azure portal "networking settings".

Now there's a k8s kind cluster running on the machine too with a rabbitmq deployment as NodePort service port 32254.

kubectl get svc
  • kubernetes ClusterIP 443/TCP 3h17m
  • ng ClusterIP 80/TCP 68m
  • rabbitmq NodePort 5672:32740/TCP,15672:32254/TCP,15692:31802/TCP 143m
  • rabbitmq-nodes ClusterIP None 4369/TCP,25672/TCP 143m

All good, but I'm unable to access the rabbitmq cluster from outside.

The ip address of the control plane is, so this command works:


But connecting from outside does not work:

curl http://mymachine.com:32254 

So how do we forward from the public-ip of a VM in azure to an internal IP inside the VM?

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you add the server to balancer then create NAT rule to forward the packet to specific port on your VM.


  • somehow only got it working with the public ip address set to static. but hey it works Jun 17, 2022 at 6:07

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