I'm new to kubernetes and trying to learn. I have enabled kubernetes through Docker Desktop on a Mac Mini (2020, M1). I've got two services running well on it.

Now I'd like to add a worker node that I want running on a raspberry pi.

When I google for proposed solutions, all I find are setups where the entire cluster, both master and workers are all installed on identical hardware, e.g. a set of raspberry pis.

But, I want the master to run on macOS and the worker node to run on raspberry pi (preferably running the standard Raspbian OS). Is this even possible?

What tools should I use to set up kubernetes on the raspberry pi and then add it as a node to the macOS master?

k3s seems promising, but their instructions end with a curl which, as far as I can understand, adds a node to a k3s-based cluster. Again, I already have an installation on macOS.


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