There is a system that periodically runs on Jenkins and that I follow with selenium. (I'm checking its performance on "manager/status" page in Tomcat). I want it to trigger the second job, which will make detailed logging (*1) only when there is an error in the job. How can I do it?

When the first job is successful I can trigger the 2nd job but what I need is to trigger the 2nd job when the first job failsenter image description here

(*1) I'm checking the geoserver performance. "http://serverip:port/geoserver/rest/monitor/requests.csv?order=totalTime;ASC" will download the performance values on geoserver server in "xls" format on jenkins server.

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I see your using a freestyle job, but this is where Jenkins pipelines shine.

node() {
    try {
        // do your testing
    } catch (Exception e) {
        build(job: 'detailed_logging')

You can find more detail in the build step documentation.


Use the Parameterized Trigger (https://plugins.jenkins.io/parameterized-trigger/) in your Post Build Actions. In my example I did not pass any parameters to the new job.

enter image description here

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