I'm facing a problem when trying to use a parameter in my resources.

- name: MyVersion
  default: "0.0.0"

  - repository: other
    type: github
    name: mycompany/project
    #Ref with parameter is not allowed
    ref: refs/tags/tag_${{parameters.MyVersion}}
    endpoint: mygithub 

While this could potentially help, it doesn't work for me because I'm using GitHub. How do I do the same thing with GitHub?

I tried

- checkout: git://mycompany/project@refs/tags/tag_${{parameters.MyVersion}}

But it tells me "mycompany" doesn't exist. Which makes sense because mycompany is on GitHub and not in Azure DevOps. How do I help Azure DevOps find it? Also, this is a private project that requires authentication for checkout.


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Thanks to @M Karimi's suggestion in comments I ended up doing a manual checkout from github with PAT

  - checkout: none
  - script: |
    git clone https://$(GITHUBPAT)@github.com/mycompany/project.git
    git checkout refs/tags/tag_${{parameters.MyVersion}}

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