I'm new to Helm and my first task was to recreate a simple pipeline. This pipeline is just:

PostgreSQL -> Spark, with ELK monitoring the instances.

Someone mentioned I may be able to combine all of these into a single Helm chart; such that when I run the Helm chart it spins up PostgreSQL, Spark, and ELK. Is there any advantage to this? Before I attempt to do this, is it a best practice or would it be better to keep each one separate?

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Using Kustomize you can combine multiple helm charts and make tweaks to them on the fly. JFrog has a tutorial for doing this sort of thing.


It’s definitely a best practice in terms of maintaining k8’s manifests because with a single chart you have all the manifests in a single location and never have to worry about forgetting a specific manifest while deploying the application.

In the templates directory, write the configuration needed for all the services (Postgres, Spark and ELK monitoring) in deployment.yml, service.yml, ingress.yml as needed and do ahelm install

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