This question is not in case of kubernetes but when you use servers or docker for deployment using CICD tool like Jenkins or gitlab. In jenkins or gitlab I've agents/runners and in pipeline stages I've a deploy stage. Now, where should this deployment ideally happen? On the agent? or or some other server (through ssh)?

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Your question is a little bit confusing and led to some interpretations.

First, for Jenkins, you should always run your pipelines using Jenkins agents, it is a good practice.

The deploy stage is to - well, as the name -- deploy to somewhere. The way you are going to deploy totally depends on what you are deploying and where, you can use an API, a CLI, SSH, or even an SFTP. You can also store your artifact in a artifact server (Nexus, Docker Hub, Artifactory) and then tell your server to pull the image from there.

Wrapping up: In the deploy stage, put the code to deploy the artifact (.exe, .war, .zip...) anywhere you want. The deploy stage will run inside an agent/runner, this runner will connect to the destination system through CLI, API... to deploy the artifact.

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