I'm writing an ansible playbook to manage backup and I want two different tasks :

- name: Setup local machine for backup
    cron_file: /etc/cron.d/backup
    hour: 4
    minute: 0
    job: /root/do_backup.sh
    state: present
    name: backup

- name: Setup backup server for new machine
    cmd: "mkdir /backups/{{inventory_hostname}}"

Is it possible to tell ansible that second task is intended to be executed on another machine of my inventory ?

I don't want a dedicated playbook, because some later tasks should be executed after the task on backup server.

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This is a duplicate of this StackOverflow question.

But I will combine and summarize all the answers here.

  • If your "other_host" is in the playbooks inventory then you can use the when keyword: when: inventory_hostname is "other_host". Which will only run that task once and only for "other_host".

  • If your playbook inventory does not include "other_host" then you can use the delegate_to keyword. delegate_to: other_host_ip. Not that you have to use the IP or DNS name of the machine unless you use add_host module. This will run the task for EVERY host in the playbooks inventory but will run the tasks on other_host.

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