Is there a way to set the umask for the pip state module or is there a more generic way to set the umask before specific state modules are run? In ansible the pip module takes a umask parameter. I do not see an equivalent option in the salt pip state module. We run salt-call with a umask of 007 but we need to install certain python packages with more open permissions; is there a way to do this?

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Edit update April 3rd 2023:

As of salt 3006 (https://salt.tips/whats-new-in-salt-sulfur/#umask) umask is now a global state argument and can be specified on any state.

Original work around for pre 3006

I ended up working around this by creating a custom state module that wraps any state that I want to set the umask for:


import os

def wrap(wrapped_state, mask, *args, **kwargs):
    old_umask = None
        if not __opts__["test"]:
            old_umask = os.umask(int(mask, base=8))
        return __states__[wrapped_state](*args, **kwargs)
        if old_umask is not None:


"install python requests package":
    - wrapped_state: pip.installed
    - mask: '022'
    - name: requests

This answer is for versions <3006

No, there's no facility for changing the umask of the running Salt process.

What you could do is start a new process with cmd.run:

install python module:
    - name: pip install foo
    - umask: '077'
    - unless:
      - fun: pip.is_installed
        pkgname: foo

install python module at version:
    - name: pip install bar==4.2
    - umask: '077'
    - unless:
      - pip freeze | grep bar==4.2
  • Is there a way to specify a specific version and/or a >= version to the pip.is_installed function?
    – bdrx
    Sep 12, 2022 at 14:46
  • @bdrx no, but see edit
    – OrangeDog
    Sep 12, 2022 at 14:52

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