I'm trying to set up Kubeflow on a Windows machine for testing. Since native Windows support is nonesxistent, I'm trying to set it up with a multipass VM running Ubuntu. I've been trying multiple tutorials. So I'm using Windows and have a virtual Ubuntu instance running via Multipass.

This one seems outdated, as there's no Ambassador port in any output, nor does Ambassador seem to be accessible.

This runs fine all the way up to me trying to access any dashboard from Windows. Apparently I did set up port access before, but in practice, I'm unable to open the dashboard. I have followed the link within the tutorial and everything works fine up until point "3. Access the dashboard". I did set up SSH so I can SSH into the Multipass VM instance, but I'm not sure I know what they mean by:

On your computer, go to Settings > Network > Network Proxy, and enable SOCKS proxy pointing to:

I'm on Windows, and if I go to proxy settings and enable manual SOCKS proxy pointing to (cannot upload image bc of some server error, but I'm following these steps under header number 1).

But still, is not accessible.

How do I access the dashboard from Windows? What am I missing?


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