I've got a private github actions runner with a repo that contains a helm chart for logstash

/runner/_work/elastic-logstash-kibana/elastic-logstash-kibana/elkhelmconfig/logstash$ ls
    Chart.yaml  templates  values.yaml

The values.yaml is in elkhelmconfig/logstash

so manually I would go to the elkhelmconfig directory and run

helm install logstash logstash/

but how to do it from within the private runner automatically? There is no k8s config and the helm action fails on aws-cli not installed.

Can it be done scripted by curl https://***helm && chmod a+x helm && helm upgrade logstash

or something?

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Got it working with this helm github action


add secret to github as your .kube/config

and this workflow step:

      - name: 'check it out'
        uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - name: helm-deploy
        uses: WyriHaximus/[email protected]
          exec: helm upgrade logstash /github/workspace/elk/logstash/ --install --wait --atomic --namespace=default --set=app.name=logstash --values=/github/workspace/elk/logstash/values.yaml
          kubeconfig: '${{ secrets.KUBECONFIG }}'

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