I'm working on a deployment script using GitLab that deploys some code to a Linux based server. I have a stage of deployment that needs to lock down permissions. What's the best approach for accomplishing this?

I need the following types of commands to run on a remote server and am currently struggling with permission issues as only root/sudoers are allowed to chown and chmod. The user that is used to connect to the server via SSH is part of the www-data group. The script fails on the chown command because the user is not root. Note: the gitlab-runner is not on the same machine as where code is going to be deployed.

chown -R www-data:www-data
find $REMOTE_BUILD_DIR -type f -exec chmod 644 {}
find $REMOTE_BUILD_DIR -type d -exec chmod 755 {}

I'm doing this manually but I am wondering if this can be done in an automated way.

  • Do I just give the ssh user sudo access? Which seems insecure.
  • Am I approaching this in the completely wrong way and there is a better way of doing this? Like using umask to set default permissions and ACL to give this user specific access needs?
  • Is there some way to go into sudo mode through a gitlab script?

Objectives are to securely deploy code to environment and make sure permissions are secure without having to manually do so.


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