System is MacOS Monterey (12.3) running the latest Docker. I've been working on this codebase for nearly 2 years and this problem suddenly popped up a few weeks ago. Essentially our system has multiple docker containers built from dotnet projects. 99% of the time, when the docker build or compose command get to the dotnet run THING.sln it shows "determining projects to restore" and a few seconds later the network on my laptop stops working until I Force Quit the com.docker.vpnkit process.

If I do dotnet run THING.sln in my terminal, it works correctly. It's only when it's happening inside Docker that it causes problems.

I say 99% of the time because sometimes it will just work fine.

I'm on wifi, but so are my coworkers who are using the exact same setup as me. The rest of the internet in my house works during this time, it's only my laptop that stops working.

I'm unsure how to even debug this. I've tried using Wireshark but don't have the expertise. I've compared other issues like this one and those are not the same problem I'm having.

I'm looking for any advice on how to solve this.


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