We're seeing HUGE differences between Windows app service plan usage and Linux app service plan usage, when both apps are idle.

The difference is circa 300mb, which when we're talking a few app deployed to it, would equal a (few) different pricing bands, and we would be much better off using windows - which feels like a step backwards.

Am I doing something wrong? They're just vanilla app services, running on .net 6 apps. (Even Tried .net7 apps)

Self-Contained, targeting windows-64 & Linux-64 respectively

Linux App Service Plan

Windows App Service Plan

  • I've noticed the same thing and haven't been able to find any documentation around it. My guess is that this is the nature of Linux containers, where each app instance runs a container instance in Linux and that is heavy compared to running just a standalone Windows process.
    – Noah Stahl
    Dec 7, 2022 at 16:00
  • I am seeing this as well. Have either of you been able to determine a cause or fix for this.
    – Matt M
    Jul 6 at 21:57
  • Any update on this problem? I have same situation here. On windows plan application is using 60MB and on Linux it goes over 1.2 GB.
    – Sashus
    Sep 27 at 13:20
  • Nope - best a ticket logged with MS I think (I mean you can provide your own image which may fix it..) Sep 27 at 15:40


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