I have already read How to resolve merge conflicts in Azure DevOps current UI but nothing there helped. Also, no, I cannot use "Pull Request Merge Conflict Extension", I am not the admin of the box, therefore I cannot add extensions.

ADO shows there is a conflict. However if I get pull the branch I see no conflicts.

I also tried selecting the file in ADO under "Conflicts" and "Take source <repo>". After that ADO shows that the conflict is resolved. But when I go back to the PR, the conflict still shows.

Why am I seeing no conflicts in git, but ADO shows conflicts? How do I fix this?

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Think I figured it out …

Make sure you are in the branch you are trying to merge. For the example "new_branch" is the new one I made a PR for, which is merging into "dev"

git branch

Change to the correct branch if you are not in the new_branch branch

git checkout new_branch

Perform a merge

git merge dev

Find conflicts / fix

git conflicts 

My problem was the dev branch had a single file called "create_new" which was old code. The new branch I created had many changes and I created a new folder called "create_new", the conflict was the folder name. This was why it was so hard to figure out what the problem was.

Check status that changes will be made on merge

git status

Commit the changes, this will create a new merge/commit, keep as is and save to push with the merge.

git commit -a

Now in ADO, the conflict is gone.

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