I've added GitHub Deploy key manually. Now I would likt to import it to my state. But when I look into github_repository_deploy_key resource docs I can read

"Repository deploy keys can be imported using a colon-separated pair of repository name and GitHub's key id. The latter can be obtained by GitHub's SDKs and API."

$ terraform import github_repository_deploy_key.foo test-repo:23824728

I was looking for this GitHub's key id for a long time but without a luck. If I go to https://github.com/\/<REPO>/settings/keys I cannot see any ID (numerical) in my key information.

I've try to use SHA256: bit from deploy key information, but it end's up with the following error:

Error: Unexpected ID format ("ddf62fc..."), expected numerical ID. strconv.ParseInt: parsing "ddf62fc...": invalid syntax

How can I find my GitHub's (deploy) key ID?

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OK, I found it..

gh api https://api.github.com/repos/<OWNER>/<REPO>/keys | jq .[].id

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