I am using an Ubuntu 22.04 machine to run and test Kubernetes locally. I want a functionality like what Docker-Desktop do. I mean it seems both master and worker nodes/machines will be installed by Docker-Desktop on the same machine. But when I try to install Kubernetes and following the instructions like this, at some points it says run the following codes on master node:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname kubernetes-master

Or run the following comands on the worker node machine:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname kubernetes-worker

I don't know how to specify master/worker nodes/machines if I have only my local Ubuntu machine?

Or should I run join command after kubeadm init command? Because I can't understand will the commands I run in my terminal be considered either as a command for master or worker machine?

I am a little bit confused about this master/worker nodes or client/server machine stuff while I am just using one machine for both client/worker and server/mastermachines.


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