I am looking for some feedback on how we can improve our release pipeline in Azure.

We have multiple environments with a corresponding deploy/* branch. Once these deploy branches are updated a release is triggered.

We are trying to implement a workflow to support Trunk Based Development as much as possible. Currently, we do all dev work on main and then cut a release/* branch from main when required.

When a release branch is cut, this will trigger the corresponding stage (RELEASE) in our Azure releases pipeline. This stage workflow would update and promote release/* to the required deploy branches through a bash script (Promote Release...). This in turn triggers the promotion to the corresponding environment. It looks like this:

release/v1.0.0 cut from main

release/v1.0.0 -> deploy/uat, deploy/preprod

deploy/uat -> UAT environment
deploy/preprod -> PREPROD environment

it looks like this in Azure

This works ok, I just don't love the fact we have a branch per environment. I'd like to get some suggestions on how this can be improved and make it more efficient.


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