apologies for the amateurish question. I'm really struggling to get my head around deployment options, particularly as it's a small hobby project.

I have built a project which is running just fine locally. It's an Entity Framework 6 API with a code first MSSQL database, then a Unity WebGL project that talks to it.

I'd really appreciate some advice on how I could deploy this at low or no cost as I'm getting really confused at all the options.

My current guess is:

The SQL database - no idea. Can't seem to find anywhere to deploy this. Particularly, given that it's EF6 code first, so would need a way to run the EF migrations. Ignoring the migrations for a moment, I guess I could use Azure?? Am I likely to hit high costs if it's basically just two users? I also wondered about putting it on Heroki in a docker container, but again, no idea how to handle migrations in that case without losing all the data.

The asp.net core API - Perhaps Heroku? Some guides suggest the free account option would work for this, including CI/CD. Not sure how I would deal with the database connection strings and migrations though.

The Unity WebGL - assuming I can just stick this on normal webhost, I have an account with Ifastnet, so I guess I just upload the html and js files to there and it should work and will not have any problems calling the API.

Any help most appreciated.


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