I want to use some company terraform files. They all rely on authentication to OpenStack which is the resource they're provisioning from. How can I configure this?

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It depends on your proivder stansa,

provider "openstack" {
  # stuff

It should look something like the above. If it has,

  • auth_url defined, then it also will very likely have application_credential_name and application_credential_secret defined.
  • cloud defined, then it's looking for your OpenStack clouds.yaml. (Note this is distinct from cloud.cfg) Your clouds.yaml
    • is documented in OpenStack
    • can be exported from Horizons, the web interface,
    • typically resides in $HOME/.config/openstack, and applies for the user. But can also be in the local directory, or installed globally in /etc/openstack.
  • Has neither auth_url nor cloud, in which case Terraform will try to authenticate with environmental variables which are documented here

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