When I run terraform apply (but not terraform validate) I get the following error,

Error: Invalid provider configuration

Provider "registry.terraform.io/terraform-provider-openstack/openstack" requires explicit configuration. Add a provider block to the root module and configure the provider's required arguments as described in the provider documentation.

Immediately followed by,

Error: One of auth_url or cloud must be specified

 with provider["registry.terraform.io/terraform-provider-openstack/openstack"],
 on <empty> line 0:
   (source code not available)

How can I resolve this problem?

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The problem I had to generate this was my provider had an alias,

provider "openstack" {
  alias       = "acmecorp"
  tenant_name = "admin"
  cloud       = "openstack"

That alias caused this problem, and removing it resolved the error. But looking at the specific terraform-provider-openstack/openstack provider documentation alias isn't mentioned. I pulled the alias convention from AWS and it seems to not be supported with OpenStack.

I opened #1480 for a better error message

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