Since DevOps isn't really my field of expertise regularly, please feel free to just point me in the right general direction if you think my question is too broad or in any other way insufficient :)

I have a Windows-based application that is hosted on a number of on-premise hosts. The application is a Node server importing a Node C++ Addon. The reason as to why the application must be ran on Windows platform is that the C++ addon uses a Windows-specifik SDK (namely Canon's EDSDK, available for Win/MacOS only).

I dabbled with Docker for a while, but couldn't manage to handle USB passthrough (which seems like a limitation of Docker?). Or is it purely a Windows limitation?

Do I have any other options than running my application directly on the OS on my hosts? I'm using Docker for a lot of other similar applications (although with Linux hosts), and it works as a charm there, even with USB passthrough.

Many thanks in advance!


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