I have one Org structure created in my Azure DevOps for Eg: Org ABC, under that I have lots of backlog items (epics, features, PB's etc..) Now I have created a new Org Structure for which I am the owner for Eg: ORG XYZ. I want to move some of the pending backlog items from previous Org ABC into my new Org XYZ. Can I do that or I need to create those backlog items from scratch in my new Org ? Please help and advise.

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There's not a push-button solution to this, although it has been a long-standing customer request.

For the work items, you can use the export / import feature.

You may need to do the same with your cusom process if you didn't use one of the out-of-the box process templates in Azure DevOps. You can use the process migrator tool or the REST API to do this, so it's more involved than the work items.

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