TLDR: Docker won't spin up more then 250 containers.

I'm deploying a cluster of 3 docker services to a swarm with 2 nodes. 2 of the services need to contain 1 container (have a replicas: 1 in the docker-compose file), and the third service need to have 300 containers (have a replicas: 300 setting).

The problem is it's spin up those 3 services, the first two with 1 container each (work like they should), and the third service spin up 248 containers out of 300 (I see this when I do docker service ls). I try to search if there is a limit of the service or swarm but couldn't find any.

I will much appreciate any help I can get.

  • If it's matter, each node with a 30GB RAM and 8 cores, and I use only 1/3 of the RAM.

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I just figure it out. The problem is not with the service or the swarm, it's with the network.

When I use driver: overlay the default subnet is which result in 254 address. So I change the mask in the subnet, to 22, which result in 1022 address, I added:


And now the network section in the docker-compose file looks like this:

    driver: overlay
        - subnet:

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