I am configuring a Gitlab C/I that will trigger several child pipelines in another project.

Each one of the child projects and pipelines needs two variables (foo and bar) and I want to trigger them in parallel, with a matrix job.

The number of child projects and pipelines will change, and I want to keep the configuration simple. If a new project needs to be added, I only want to add the two needed variables in a file and nothing else.

So, I imagined this configuration:

First the file where the variables will be stored:

# variables.yml
  - foo: "single value for foo"
    bar: "single value for bar"
  - foo: "another single value for foo"
    bar: "antoher single value for bar"

Then, the .gitlab-ci.yml:

# .gitlab-ci.yml
      - local: variables.yml
      - example
     stage: example
      - echo "foo is $foo"
      - echo "bar is $bar"
      - extends: matrix_variables

But when pushing and run on my gitlab project, I get the following error labelled with "YAML invalid" and "error":

jobs matrix variables config should implement a script: or a trigger: keyword

I then tried to add a dummy script to my variables.yml and even inside the matrix job in the .gitlab-ci.yml, but still the same error.

My question is: Is what I am trying to achieve even possible, if yes, how ?

My gitlab instance is running with the Community Edition 15.91.


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