I'm trying to create a google_kms_key_ring in project b89d. When I run terraform apply, I can see the google_kms_key_ring project field is set to the project I want:

 + resource "google_kms_key_ring" "main_key_ring" {
      + id       = (known after apply)
      + location = "northamerica-northeast1"
      + name     = "key-ring-test"
      + project  = "b89d"

However when I execute this plan, I get the error "Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API has not been used in project XXXXXXXXX before or it is disabled".

Project XXXXXXXXX is a completely different project. It seems that project b89d that I specified is being ignored. I verified via the GCP console that the KMS API is enabled in the project I want (b89d), but terraform / GCP complains it is not enabled in a different project. How can I fix this?

I can see in the terraform logs, it submits the correct url:

POST /v1/projects/b89d/locations/northamerica-northeast1/keyRings?alt=json&keyRingId=key-ring-test HTTP/1.1

I don't know why it's complaining about the API being enabled in a different project.



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