I have a server running docker containers for years. Containers was started from dockerhub images by tags, which do not include a specific version:

$ docker ps | grep redis
0123456789ab   redis:alpine    "docker-entrypoint.s…"   19 months ago   Up 19 months   6379/tcp   redis

$ docker images redis
redis        alpine    5c08f13a2b92   20 months ago   32.4MB

So the image with sha 5c08f13a2b92 was pulled 20 month ago from dockerhub as redis:alpine tag. Today redis:alpine tag definitely pointing to another image (sha). And today I can't find out, which dockerhub image is related to my pulled docker image.

How can I know, which tag on dockerhub with exactly version (something like redis:6.2.6-alpine), or which tags (all of them), is/are related to my pulled image, if I know only it's sha?

  • In the unlikely event that someone is looking for information about the same sha 5c08f13a2b92: I went through dockerhub tags randomly, was lucky and found that this sha matches the tag 6.2-alpine3.14. (But it doesn't answers to my question: how not to iterate over all dockerhub tags manually.)
    – AntonioK
    Commented Jul 13, 2023 at 9:11


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