In my pipeline definition, for getting resources from other pipeline, I'd like to define a default tags value to use, such as "release candidate", but allow to select to use any tags or even without tag. Is there a simple way to do so?

Here's my attempt but seems like "*" doesn't work:(

- name: TagsToUse
  displayName: 'Select the tags to use for artifact from pipeline xxxx'
  type: string
  default: 'release candidate'
  - 'release candidate'
  - '*'

  - pipeline: xxxx
    project: 'MyProject'
    source: 'TargetSource'
    branch: 'master'
    tags: ${{ parameters.TagsToUse }}
  • My gut feeling is you can't. Not everything in yaml pipelines is equal or interpreted the same way. You could try a condition but I think it might not be valid - ${{ if ne(parameters.tags, '*') }}:
    – ste-fu
    Jul 27, 2023 at 10:37
  • hum... thanks for your answer. Jul 31, 2023 at 13:35

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Using values: is a way to restrict what can be passed into the parameters. For this reason, there isn't a way to wildcard an input value.

Since what you want to do is allow anything but default to 'release candidate' if nothing is provided, you really only need default: and can remove the values: restriction.

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