When I run helm ls -A on a new install of Helm, I see,

$ helm ls -A
NAME        NAMESPACE   REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART                       APP VERSION
traefik     kube-system 2           2023-08-12 20:08:51.802846904 +0000 UTC deployed    traefik-21.2.1+up21.2.0     v2.9.10    
traefik-crd kube-system 2           2023-08-12 20:08:51.764773882 +0000 UTC deployed    traefik-crd-21.2.1+up21.2.0 v2.9.10    

Why is it that Traefik is installed? Is this a dependency of helm?

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This is actually a default of k3s which installs traefik by default and flags the install as Helm-managed.

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