I have hosted VSO build agents building our exe and that pipeline setup. I am trying to deploy the produced exe to a dev testing environment. I have a deployment group set up and the files are being successfully copied to the correct location. What I'm trying to do now is launch the exe after it was copied. I have an inline powershell script task running consisting of

# You can write your powershell scripts inline here. 
# You can also pass predefined and custom variables to this scripts using arguments


    Write-Host Relaunching exe;

    & 'PathToExe\MyExe.exe';

    Write-Host Skipping launch of exe;

the release log displays Relaunching POS but on the computer the script is running, the process isn't launched. If I run & 'PathToExe\MyExe.exe' via powershell on the computer from the A1 folder, the process starts as expected. What am I missing?


Revisiting this after a bit. I have redone the script to use start-process Start-Process -FilePath MyExePath. I have used combinations of using runas with credentials setting working directorys. The process does start...sort of. My target application is a WPF window. It launches but doesn't any any GUI drawn. I know the process is running because i can use get-process myexe which returns a valid process. Does anyone know how to launch wpf/console application and have it draw it's GUI?