When I do :

$ kubectl config get-contexts

CURRENT   NAME                          CLUSTER                                                            AUTHINFO                                                           NAMESPACE
          kubernetes-admin@kubernetes   kubernetes                                                         kubernetes-admin
*         qa-1                        arn:aws:eks:xxxxxx150:cluster/ocean-qa   xxx:xxx:cluster/xxxx-RH36mmA4   xx-xx-tulw

I have multiple contexts defined in the config file. I would like to set 'kubernetes-admin@kubernetes' cluster as the default each time I use kubectl.

I can't find the command ..

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kubectl config use-context kubernetes-admin@kubernetes should be the command you are lookin for.

To check if it worked, use kubectl config current-context.

If in doubt, check its help with kubectl config set-context --help.


Alternatively run grep current-context ~/.kube/config to see the current context.

If it's not set to the desired one, edit ~/.kube/config and change that line.

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