I checked the Enable Kubernetes in windows Docker Desktop and it keeps circling and showing Kubernetes is starting...

I searched and couldn't find any proper answer. Some advises are about deleting Docker Desktop and reinstalling it.

I want to know any other solution Before pushing kill switch.

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I tried this and worked for me.

First of all open a new PowerShell. We need to have Kubernetes server installed and running. So execute this command:

kubectl version

I faced this line in the bottom of response:

Unable to connect to the server: dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

If you got some similar response, it means Windows cannot resolve the internal domain which should be set in the hosts file. So do as the following instructions:

  1. Open the hidden path


hosts file has no extension. Open it with notepad or any text editor. Do it with Adminisrator privilege.

  1. insert this line in the opened hosts file: kubernetes.docker.internal

  1. Save it.
  2. Run Docker Desktop again.

And that's it.

For checking the Kubernetes installation success, follow below instructions:

Docker Desktop will not show Kubernetes as installed until all of the Kubernetes components are running. To see what is happening with its components open a new PowerShell to have the necessary environment variables set and run:

Open PowerShell and run this command:

kubectl get all -n kube-system

Check if the followings are true:

1) all of the pods have “Running” status.
2) deamonset.apps/kube-proxy has “1” in the “Ready” column
3) deployment.apps/coredns has “2/2” in the “Ready” column
4) replicaset.apps/coredns-HASH has “2” in the “Ready” column

If any of the above statements are not true, use kubectl describe -n kube-system OBJECTNAME for more details. For example:

kubectl describe -n kube-system pod/coredns-558bd4d5db-99qxd

You could be found more in this complete discussion.

I am still eager for new answer and discussions.

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