When I am at a repo's container registry, I can see this,

enter image description here

However it's not clear ohw that URL works, the URL provided is


But I can't run

podman pull gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root

It asks me to choose between the docker.io or quay.io registry, GitLab isn't an option. Moreover, if I try, to add gitlab.org/, I get an error

$ podman pull "gitlab.org/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root"
Trying to pull gitlab.org/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root:latest...
Error: initializing image from source docker://gitlab.org/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root:latest: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

And, if I try to specify registry.gitlab.org I get another -- different error -- and it can't find the repository,

$ podman pull "registry.gitlab.org/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root"
Trying to pull registry.gitlab.org/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root:latest...
Error: initializing source docker://registry.gitlab.org/gitlab-org/gitlab-runner/alpine-no-root:latest: pinging container registry registry.gitlab.org: Get "https://registry.gitlab.org/v2/": dial tcp: lookup registry.gitlab.org on no such host

How do I pull this image?

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You must use

  • The project is gitlab-org
  • The domain is gitlab.com
  • The registry is at registry.gitlab.com

The naming convention on the GitLab registry is,

<registry URL>/<namespace>/<project>/<image>

So you want,


Easy way

Click the clipboard icon to copy the url,

icon for copy

You may think that copies the name, but it copies the full registry URL you want.

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