i'm trying to setup elk stack using docker compose. i'm using below file beat config


  • type: filestream id: default-filestream paths:
    • ingest_data/*.log

filebeat.autodiscover: providers:

  • type: docker hints.enabled: true


  • add_docker_metadata: ~

setup.kibana: host: ${KIBANA_HOSTS} username: ${ELASTIC_USER} password: ${ELASTIC_PASSWORD}

output.elasticsearch: hosts: ${ELASTIC_HOSTS} username: ${ELASTIC_USER} password: ${ELASTIC_PASSWORD} ssl.enabled: true ssl.certificate_authorities: "certs/ca/ca.crt"

in the input config, i'm trying to pass log file from another path

  • type: filestream id: default-filestream paths:
    • <my_log_file> But i'm not able to see the data in the kibana dashboard. Please let me know how to pass a user defined path for file beat config to get the datat

and if i launch a simple docker container, how to get the logs from the newly deployed container inside kibana ? do i need to use logstash ?

any help would be helpful.

thank you


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