I have a Nix flake with several inputs whose URLs are remote git repositories. I want to update one input in flake.lock, but not the others; in particular, I want to avoid repinning nixpkgs.

When I run nix flake update, all inputs are updated. This is probably desirable for correctness. However, I can subsequently roll back part of the changes to flake.lock, performing minor surgery, so that only one input is updated.

Is there a blessed or safe way to update only one input? I would accept a way to update a given input and all of its transitive dependencies, if that is the only safe way.

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Unintuitively enough, you use a different command for that. nix flake update updates all inputs as you noticed, while you use

nix flake lock --update-input <name_of_input>

to update only a single input. You can also chain several of these in a single command:

nix flake lock --update-input nixpkgs --update-input nix

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