I have a running k3s cluster with portainer and helm, and I just got cert-manager with letsencrypt set up as a ClusterIssuer

Now I would like to enforce https and use the certificate I created for portainer:

apiVersion: cert-manager.io/v1
kind: Certificate
  name: portainer-tls-secret
  namespace: portainer
  secretName: portainer-tls-secret
  duration: 2160h # 90d
  renewBefore: 360h # 15d
      - <redacted>
  commonName: portainer.k8s.mydomain.tld
  isCA: false
    algorithm: RSA
    encoding: PKCS1
    size: 4096
    - server auth
    - client auth
    - portainer.k8s.mydomain.tld
    name: letsencrypt-prod
    kind: ClusterIssuer
    group: cert-manager.io

This works beautifully:
kubectl get Certificate --all-namespaces

NAMESPACE      NAME                                  READY   SECRET                                    AGE
portainer      portainer-tls-secret                  True    portainer-tls-secret                      11m

But according to the documentation I have to supply it with a parameter:

helm install -n portainer portainer portainer/portainer --set tls.existingSecret=portainer-tls-secret

(OR upload a single file using the settings, which I doubt very much will autorenew using cert-manager)

As I understand it, the --set <variablename>=<value> is for setting environment variables - can I just "deploy" it by running the helm chart? - even though it is not installed via helm:

$ helm upgrade -n portainer portainer portainer/portainer --set tls.existingSecret=portainer-tls-secret
Error: UPGRADE FAILED: "portainer" has no deployed releases

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My not-very-elegant solution was to uninstall portainer

kubectl delete namespace portainer
kubectl delete ClusterRoleBinding portainer

and reinstall it using helm:

helm upgrade --install --create-namespace -n portainer portainer portainer/portainer \
    --set tls.force=true \
    --set tls.existingSecret=portainer-tls-secret 

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