Hi I got stuck with one of the scenario, I have two environments Dev and Prod. I need to pass different values in dev and different vales in prod. So how can I manage it using one Data bag. this is my general Data bag in dev environment

I am using this data bag in Dev environment, so I have to pass different username, passwd and jdbc password for prod environment. How can I do this? I am planning to do in below manner

 "id": "some_data_bag_item",
 "production" : {
 "username": "username",
 "passwd": "****",
 "jdbc_password": "****"
  "testing" : {
    "username": "username",
    "passwd": "****",
    "jdbc_password": "****

Is this is a right way? Do we need to add anything else in recipe? Do chef will find out which environment it is automatically?

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For instance, if a node is in the "production" environment, you could want to run a special recipe in your "nginx" cookbook to bring that server up to production policy requirements. You could also have a recipe in the nginx cookbook meant to configure special changes for testing servers.


name "web_server"
description "A role to configure our front-line web servers"
run_list "recipe[apt]", "recipe[nginx]"
env_run_lists "production" => ["recipe[nginx::config_prod]"], "testing" => ["recipe[nginx::config_test]"]

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