I am trying to use Spacelift's external state access however I get the following error:

Error: Error loading state error 
│ with module.service.data.terraform_remote_state.environment, 
│ on ../modules/service/ecs.tf line 79, in data "terraform_remote_state" "environment": 
│ 79: backend = "remote" 
│ error loading the remote state: Error creating workspace test-stack: cannot 
│ create a workspace

My block looks like:

 data "terraform_remote_state" "environment" {
  backend = "remote"

  config = {
    hostname     = "spacelift.io"
    organization = "<organizationname>"

    workspaces = {
      name = "test-stack"

I have external state access enabled on the stack but still get this error.

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Check if the caller stack is set to Administrative.

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