I have a query in regards with Github workflows.

Consider the below scenario :

  • Github Organization 1 : sample_one

  • Github Organization 2 : sample_two

  • sample_one organization has one repository called : one_repo

  • sample_two organization has one repository called : two_repo

Problem Statement :

one_repo has a reusable workflow that needs to be called by two_repo (that is in different organization) - How do I do this?

Note :

The reusable workflow from one_repo maybe updated from time to time.

Can someone help me with the workflow calls for the same as to how can a repo from some other organization be able to call the resuable workflow from another organization.

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First, you must permit the reusable workflow to be called from another organization.
For that, go to Organization settings -> Actions -> General. Under the policies, select the "Allow all actions and reusable workflows" option to use the workflow outside the organization.

NOTE: You have to keep the repositories public so that the other organizations can access them.


Now to the work:

  1. Create a reusable workflow in the GitHub Organization 1: sample_one.
  2. Now create a trigger workflow in two_repo to call the workflow in one_repo under sample_one organization.
  3. Now add the trigger parameter under the jobs section inside the workflow and mention the reusable workflow of one_repo.
name: Scan, Build and Deploy
    branches: [ "main" ]

    uses: sample_one/one_repo/.github/workflows/reusable-workflow.yml@main

Edit the following line according to the location of the reusable workflow.

That's it! So when the workflow runs in the two_repo, the reusable workflow in the one_repo will be used.

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