Github has a functionality called "Secrets" made for GitHub Actions (which is their CI).

These secrets are easy to read from the CI. You can do it like this,

env: # Or as an environment variable
  super_secret: ${{ secrets.SuperSecret }}

And then the runner can do anything with them. But it seems weird if they're that easy to get to a runner, that it's impossible to get them out without a runner.

You can set them in the back of GitHub, or with gh the GitHub CLI tool. Is it possible to read the value of a GitHub Actions Secrets without intentionally leaking them from a runner.

A follow up to this question How can I easily leak secrets with GitHub Actions?

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It's not currently possible to view the value of the secret without leaking the secret, which is easy enough.

There is a ticket for this functionality in the CLI, and it was closed.

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