I use a docker-compose.yml file to boot my containers. My container mount to a external volume which targets a directory inside my user profile (postgres database files). However, after switching from Windows (using Docker for Windows) to Fedora (and also to Podman), i cannot mount my volume any more because of permission issues. When i add the :Z Flag at the end of my mount, then everything works. However: The big problem is, that i cannot add the flag because my colleagues who still are on Windows cannot use this docker-compose.yml file any more because docker complains about the :Z flag.

Is there a OS level solution for this?

What i've tried so far: these commands (while i am in the project directory (which is the same directory, my mount points into) sudo semanage fcontext -a -t svirt_sandbox_file_t "$(pwd)(/.*)?" sudo restorecon -Rv "$(pwd)"

background info: I am a software developer. the docker-compose.yml is committed to my git repo. the postgres database files are part of the git project (however, they are in the .gitignore file). I've checked out the project into a directory inside my user profile. therefore the docker-compose.yml as well as the target directory of my mountpoint are both in separate directories inside my user profile.

Any ideas?


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