What are the best practices for giving build/test pipelines and tools access to GitHub? Do you just have a single user within the organization provide PATs for each pipeline/tool, or is there a better way to handle it?

For example, say we want to build our product using a Jenkins pipeline. Should we just have a user create a PAT for Jenkins to use to access the GitHub repository? Is there a way for an org to create a PAT, so it can be managed/owned by the org itself?

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Fine-Grained Personal Access Tokens

GitHub doesn't currently access-tokens divorced of the user account. The best method to do this is a fine-grained PAT. You can read the tutorial on how to create a fine-grained access token, but it's pretty easy to figure it out, just follow the prompts here,

Alternatively, if you can make the pipeline triggered by the CI, you can use the CI-provided GITHUB_TOKEN

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