Question: Azure CICD pipeline is failing with the below error. There hasnt been any recent changes to the environment/YAML. The "Replace tokens in Liquibase properties" step in the Deploy stage is failing.

Error: OCI runtime exec failed: exec failed: unable to start container process: chdir to cwd ("/home/liquibase") set in config.json failed: no such file or directory: unknown ##[error]Exit code 126 returned from process: file name '/usr/bin/docker', arguments 'exec -i -u 1001 -w /home/liquibase abcd123456789bdbdbdb /__a/externals/node/bin/node /__w/_temp/containerHandlerInvoker.js'.

YAML File: - stage: DeployStaging
displayName: Deploy
- job: DeployToSnowflake
displayName: Deploy to Snowflake
vmImage: ubuntu-latest
container: LBPRO
- task: replacetokens@5
displayName: Replace tokens in Liquibase properties
targetFiles: '**/liquibase.properties'
encoding: 'auto'
tokenPattern: 'default'
writeBOM: true
actionOnMissing: 'warn'
keepToken: false
actionOnNoFiles: 'continue'
enableTransforms: false
enableRecursion: false
useLegacyPattern: false
enableTelemetry: true
workingDirectory: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)


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