I try to use n3dr tool (https://github.com/030/n3dr) to make backup of self hosted docker repository in Nexus 3 OSS.

In my nexus 3 oss I have 3 docker repository:

  • docker-repo1 with port 8444
  • docker-repo2 with port 8445
  • docker-repo3 with port 8446
  • docker-group (docker-repo1 and docker-repo2) with port 8447

In documentation written I should use n3dr repositoriesV2 --backup --dockerHost https://nexus.host --dockerPort 8444 -n nexus.host

But I get some issues with this

  1. when use flag --backup there is making backup of all nexus without needed docker repo
  2. when use flag --backup with --n3drRepo docker-repo-name then downloaded only manifests without images

As I see there is docker repositories support. And I expect (work fine with other repository types) that I can make a backup copy of the repository so that I can later transfer it to another server.

Maybe someone has encountered similar behavior and knows how to make a backup of the docker repository?

  • In general, after several days of research, this utility does not quite fit the described task. In the end, I decided to use a simple bash script that pulls the image into the local registry, re-tag, pushes it into the new registry Commented May 30 at 14:40


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