I managed to build a working docker image on my development laptop, but got an exec format error when I tried to run the docker image on the PC that the container shall run on. My dev PC is an ubuntu 24 with an intel i7 processor. The PC that I want to run the container on is a Linux PREEMT_RT OS with an Cortex A8 processor (arm32v7).

I changed the dockerfile from FROM alpine as build-env to FROM arm32v7/alpine as build-env, but that gives me an error on the RUN apk add --no cache build-base line.

I guess my problem is how to compile the .C-file in an arm32v7 environment. When I try to build the docker image below I get the error:

 => ERROR [build-env 2/5] RUN apk add gcc musl-dev                         1.7s
 > [build-env 2/5] RUN apk add gcc musl-dev:
1.525 exec /bin/sh: exec format error

I appreciate every answer, I'm pretty stuck on this one. Thanks in advance!

# use alpine as base image
FROM arm32v7/alpine as build-env
# install build-base meta package inside build-env container
RUN apk add --no-cache build-base
# change directory to /app
# copy all files from current directory inside the build-env container
COPY . .
# Compile the source code and generate hello binary executable file
RUN gcc -std=c99 myclient.c -lm -o opc_client
# use another container to run the program
FROM arm32v7/alpine
# copy binary executable to new container
COPY --from=build-env /app/opc_client /app/opc_client

# at last run the program
CMD ["/app/opc_client"] 


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