For example, by branch name you might want to execute different tasks (regress testing in release branches instead of massive integration tests for example).

Is there a mechanism to do that in Bamboo's UI?

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    You could create separate build plans and have each of them trigger on a different set of branches (see the plan branches settings). Jan 29, 2018 at 9:29

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I don't know if there is some GUI way to do this

I am triggering the same plan in different ways from a REST request by using a variable

To do this

  1. define a variable in the plan configuration variables ie myvariable
  2. in the REST request set bamboo.variable.myvariable to the value required ie "1" or "2"
  3. in the plan stage add a task of script and use the variable as $bamboo_myvariable for instance
if [ "$bamboo_myvariable" == "1" ]; then 
   # stuff to do variation 1
if [ "$bamboo_myvariable" == "2" ]; then
   # suff to do variation 2

If you want to alter behaviour by branch there are variables such as "bamboo_planRepository_1_branch" which are available by default and could be used ina similar way


Atlassian Labs have now provided this functionality as an add-on: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1219706/conditional-tasks-for-bamboo?hosting=server&tab=overview

Only available for versions 6.7.1+


This add-on is only supported up to Bamboo 7.0.6 and conditional tasks are a standard feature in Bamboo 7.1+


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