Flannel running in a pod is getting the wrong subnet and networking is just not happy, the symptom is flannel is being assigned /24's from the it should be assigning /26's from Thanks for any help.

here are the details:

/usr/bin/kubeadm init \
--kubernetes-version v1.7.5 \
--pod-network-cidr \
--service-cidr \

kube-flannel-rbac.yml is loaded after kube-flannel.yml only modified bit(SubenetLen and Network) from kube-flannel.yml:

  "Network": "",
  "SubnetLen": 26,
  "Backend": {
    "Type": "vxlan"

DNS is set in the systemd file to:


Using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and stock kernel

here is the docker daemon.json file:

    "experimental": true,
"registry-mirrors": [
"insecure-registries": [
"tls": true,
"tlsverify": true,

all kuberentes components are 1.7.5 installed from ubuntu k8s repos

here is the log of the kube-flannel container:

I0926 03:29:10.214198      89 main.go:446] Determining IP address of default interface
I0926 03:29:10.216166      89 main.go:459] Using interface with name eth0 and address
I0926 03:29:10.216261      89 main.go:476] Defaulting external address to interface address (
I0926 03:29:10.242216      89 kube.go:283] Starting kube subnet manager
I0926 03:29:10.242055      89 kube.go:130] Waiting 10m0s for node controller to sync
I0926 03:29:11.242864      89 kube.go:137] Node controller sync successful
I0926 03:29:11.242957      89 main.go:226] Created subnet manager: Kubernetes Subnet Manager - kube-m2.XXXXX.com
I0926 03:29:11.242969      89 main.go:229] Installing signal handlers
I0926 03:29:11.243984      89 main.go:330] Found network config - Backend type: vxlan
I0926 03:29:11.288902      89 ipmasq.go:51] Adding iptables rule: -s -d -j RETURN
I0926 03:29:11.306692      89 ipmasq.go:51] Adding iptables rule: -s ! -d -j MASQUERADE
I0926 03:29:11.314413      89 ipmasq.go:51] Adding iptables rule: ! -s -d -j RETURN
I0926 03:29:11.323229      89 ipmasq.go:51] Adding iptables rule: ! -s -d -j MASQUERADE
I0926 03:29:11.329676      89 main.go:279] Wrote subnet file to /run/flannel/subnet.env
I0926 03:29:11.329746      89 main.go:284] Finished starting backend.
I0926 03:29:11.329829      89 vxlan_network.go:56] Watching for L3 misses
I0926 03:29:11.329903      89 vxlan_network.go:64] Watching for new subnet leases

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You have either a bad understanding or misconception about how a cidr works. is just one address in the range -
So either your cidr bits are not the one you're expecting, would be a valid network definition but that's a /26 subnet within the, or you're not using the proper network definition.

You can check those division on this very helping site (the link already use your networks above.


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