Start docker swarm : docker swarm init --advertise-addr MANAGER-IP

Join docker swarm: docker swarm join --token MANAGER-IP:2377

I am using Windows 10, it is working fine with Windows container mode, but gives below error in Linux container mode.


Error response from daemon: remote CA does not match fingerprint. Expected: 91030413f17ec7c023a2a796ee05a024915080ca8dfd646a597c7e966f667df6

Docker swarm manager command: docker node ls

ID                            HOSTNAME            STATUS              AVAILABILITY        MANAGER STATUS
2zf1l2o7sl2a1qka55s2vi77x *   moby                Ready               Active              Leader

Host name is moby, when running in Windows container mode it gives machine host correctly.

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If you configured and joined correctly you should see two hosts: one for Linux and one for Windows.

Windows hosts cannot natively run inside the Linux hosts and vice-versa. This means you have to have different kernels for Linux hosts and Windows hosts in the same swarm. This way they can communicate across the same Docker network.

Refer to Docker Engine on Windows for more info.


your token is wrong.

you can get worker token in the manager node:

docker swarm join-token -q worker

it works for me.


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